Covid-19 Food Distribution

Emergency Food Distribution at Bihari Camps in Bangladesh

Approximately four hundred thousand camp based Bihari Urdu Speaking Bangladeshis are living in 116 Camps in Bangladesh. They are Bangladeshi citizens according to 2003 and 2008 high court judgments. Currently they are passing their life in daily struggle because they are mostly engage in informal sector like barber, butcher, rikshapuller and handicraft worker. After the Covid19 effect and lockdown in the country camp dwellers are unable to go out for work and maintain their 3 times meals for their families. Day by day camp dwellers situation is going to worst and they are passing their life without 3 times meal. Even most of camp dwellers are living under poverty line and having 3 to 4 kids in a family. Now they need food support to survive in this crisis situation.

Area Name Families
Dhaka, Mohammadpur 1260
Dhaka, Mirpur 800
Saidpur 960
Adamjee 520
Chattogram 340
Mymensingh 480
Khulna 370
Bogura 440
Total Families 5,170

Relief Distribution