Education is basic and fundamental human rights that everyone must claim. We know that education is indispensable to the achievement of all the sustainable development goals and is at the heart of the sustainable development agenda. The Global Campaign for Education believes that education is the most sustainable long-term driver of social, economic and environmental justice; and that education is key to foster sustainable, gender-equal, peaceful, democratic and resilient societies. We also believe only education is the way to come out the Bihari Community from the dark future. So that today we are investing on the education for the camp kids.

Every baby begins to learn language sounds before they’re even born. The camp kids start speaking with Urdu language so that they have to face problem in the Bengali medium primary school with the Bengali language. Council of Minorities has started a preschool in MCC Bihari Camp in Mirpur section – 11 in 2018 supported by Rotary Club Baridhara. Our preschool invite 3 to 4 years old kids to learn Bangla language and practicing the schooling behavior. After the one year of pre schooling they able to attend the Bangla medium school.